Building Department

Electrical, Plumbing & Gas

Mission Statement

The Building Department is charged with enforcing the State Building Codes to ensure the residents, businesses and visitors of Northborough are afforded safe and reliable structures in which to live and work. The department is also responsible for the enforcement of the Town zoning bylaws. This is done to ensure the continued harmony between the residents and businesses in Northborough as our community grows to meet the requirements and desires of our citizens.

We are able to provide these services through openly communicating with homeowners, business owners and contractors. We continually look for ways to make navigating through permitting process more efficient and easier to understand.

Inspections During COVID-19 Emergency - 4/27/2020 Update

Worth the Risk?

Guidelines for Construction Sites

Information on Renewing your CSL and Continuing Ed During COVID-19 Crisis

Inspection Information

To schedule an inspection please call the Building Department at (508) 393-5010 Monday through Thursday between 8:00am - 10:00am, Friday 7:00am - 9:00am. Please schedule inspections by 3:00pm one day in advance.

Electrical Inspections are conducted Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday between 4:00pm - 6:00pm. We require twenty-four (24) hours notice.

Plumbing & Gas Inspections are conducted Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday between 8:30 and 10:30. We require twenty-four (24) hours notice.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Robert Frederico Inspector of Buildings / Zoning Enforcement Officer
Chris Lund Local Inspector
Katie Holt Administrative Assistant
Angie Sowden Administrative Assistant



Inspector of Buildings / Zoning Enforcement Officer

(508) 393-5010

Local Inspector

(508) 393-5010

Robert Berger

Electrical Inspector

(508) 393-5010

A. Richard Desimone

Plumbing & Gas Inspector

(508) 393-5010