Certified Plot Plans

a / k / a As-Built Plan

The Town of Northborough Zoning Bylaw 7-03-010 (D) requires that a certified plot plan shall be submitted to the Building Inspector for any building or structure, new or addition, or in-ground swimming pool (not including: agricultural buildings, tents, sheds, on/above ground swimming pools) for which a building permit is required. The certified plot plan shall contain information required by the Inspector of Buildings in conformance with the State Building Code and this bylaw. This plan shall be submitted at a time appropriate to the construction as determined by the Building Inspector.

The Plot Plan must be prepared and certified by a Professional Engineer or Registered Land Surveyor in accordance with the Massachusetts registration laws.

Required information to be shown on the Plot Plan:

  • Lot lines
  • All existing buildings/structures
  • Easements, any and all
  • New building(s)/structure(s) with perimeter dimensions (for an addition – only dimensions of new construction)
  • Setback distances from front, side and rear lot lines

Notations required:

  • Location: street # and name
  • Northborough Assessors Map and parcel numbers
  • Zoning District(s)
  • Groundwater Protection Overlay District: area(s)
  • Certification: Does conform to Town of Northborough zoning bylaws
  • Certification: Determination of flood hazard per Federal Insurance Rate Map (F.I.R.M.)
  • Scale and date prepared and/or revised
  • Tolerance (id used); +/- tenth of foot, foot, etc.

The plan submitted to have:

  • Original seal (“wet seal”)
  • Original signature