Assessors Department

Mission Statement

The role of the Assessors Office, under the direction of the Board of Assessors, is the valuation of all real and personal property throughout the entire community. The Department of Revenue requires that all property is valued at full and fair cash value which ensures that all property owners pay their fair and equitable share of the yearly tax burden.

This office is responsible for meeting and adhering to strict certification requirements of the State Department of Revenue. To meet these requirements, the assessors are obligated to revalue all properties yearly and, once every five years, undergo a state recertification audit. In addition to its appraisal duties, the Assessors Office responsibilities include the processing of property tax abatements, personal exemptions, excise tax issues as well as various real estate related inquiries.

About Us

The Assessing Department is broken into two sections, the Appraisal section, and the Assessment Administration section. The Appraisal Section is responsible for the valuation of all real estate and personal property in Northborough. In accordance with State Law, updated values are certified every third year, with the review of, and approval by, the Massachusetts Department of Revenue.

The Appraisal Section reviews all values on an annual basis and adjust accordingly to market conditions, as well as valuing all new construction. Data quality is reviewed annually by way of a cyclical inspection program, which calls for a portion of the town each year to be visited for any changes. The Appraisal Section is also responsible for the review of value appeals, abatements on properties, including testimony at Appellate Tax Board hearings.

The Assessment Administration Section is responsible for a host of daily functions within the Department, as well as providing support to the Appraisal section. Some of the many functions include processing requests for abatements and exemptions on real estate, personal property, motor vehicle excise and farm excise. The Assessment Administration section also processes all building permit activities, betterments, deeds and plans received from the Registry of Deeds, reviews and certifies abutters lists and answers numerous inquires from the public.

FY2019 Tax Rate $17.15

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Daniel C. Brogie Principal Assessor & Chairman
Arthur Holmes M.A.A. Assessor
James Dillon M.A.A. Assessor
Julie Brownlee Assessor Assistant (508) 393-5005