Elderly & Disabled Taxation Fund Committee

The Elderly & Disabled Taxation Fund Committee (EDTFC) consists of the Town Assessor and Town Treasurer/Collector and three members appointed by the Board of Selectmen for three-year terms. The Northborough Elderly & Disabled Taxation Fund (EDTF) is a local program to provide partial real estate tax relief to low-income elderly/disabled citizens. The EDTF assists needy citizens who do not qualify for, or who may be incompletely assisted by, other state and local tax relief measures.

Citizens established the EDTF at the April 2001 Town Meeting by voting to accept the provisions of Massachusetts General Law Chapter 60 Section 3D. The program is funded by "senior/disabled" check-off donations made by taxpayers with payment of their municipal tax bills, and by donations from local businesses and community groups. Program policy is defined and implemented by the committee. The committee conducts an annual award cycle, accepting applications from January through March and disbursing awards by June.

Applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements: age 65 or older, OR have a state-recognized disability; Town resident and property owner for at least eight years; household income not more than $25,000 individual, $40,000 total household; assessed property value not more than $418,000. Evaluation is based on applicants' income, assets, and tax obligation for the prior calendar year. Award recipients and award amounts are determined on the basis of greatest proportionate need (tax burden relative to income/assets). Awards are credited to applicants' real estate tax accounts.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Daniel C. Brogie Principal Assessor / Staff Liaison