Cable Access Television

Looking for a show or meeting that was videotaped? Go to YouTube Northborough Cable Videos. During the Town's temporary suspension of live meetings, the Town's Zoom meetings are being recorded and also posted to THEIR YouTube page which can be found at  Northborough Remote Meetings.   You can also sign up as a subscriber and get notifications when new shows are added.  Northborough Cable TV's meetings that are on OUR YouTube site are Selectmen, Regional School Committee, Northborough School Committee and Planning Board.  These meetings are live monitored by our television staff and titles and informational "lower thirds" have been added as well as layouts from the zoom meeting being optimized for television broadcast.  These meetings are broadcast live to television and are posted to YouTube usually within 24 hours.  The Northborough Remote Meetings are usually available for rebroadcast within several hours of recording.

Links to live broadcasts, as well as a show search for Video on Demand from our servers can be found by clicking on the "What's Playing Now..." tab on the left of this page.  Just click on the link for a channel and watch what is playing now or click on Videos, Series, or Playlists to find a show to watch at your convenience.

We also have a Facebook Page with information about upcoming classes, community news, latest shows of interest and more.  

The Public Access Channel is devoted to informational, entertainment, and community interest type programming. The bulletin board is for non-profit community event listings only. Currently the Public Access Channel is on Charter 191 and Verizon 31.

The Educational Access Channel is devoted to Northborough and Algonquin School programming and some state and federal educational programming. The bulletin board is solely for the use of Northborough and Algonquin schools for approved school-related events and information. It can be seen on Charter 194 and Verizon 29.

The Government Access Channel is Northborough municipal government information and meetings and some state and federal government programming. The bulletin board is only for municipal announcements and information. It can be seen on Charter 192 and Verizon 30.

If you wish to send a bulletin board announcement for any of the above channels or if you wish to request a show replay please email us.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Kathy Dalgliesh Cable Access Director (508) 393-6195
Dana Volke Production Supervisor/Studio Assistant (508) 393-6195
Terry Crean Programming Supervisor/Studio Assistant (508) 393-6195