Annual Town Census/Street List and Dog License Reminder

town census

census reminder
The form is available online, click here
You may return an image of the completed form by email:

General Laws of Massachusetts (Chapter 51, § 4) mandate an annual street listing (town census) of residents as of January 1 of each year. All residents were mailed a pre-filled form in January, please return the form by mail or e-mail.  If you need assistance or have questions, please feel free to contact the Town Clerk’s Office at (508) 393-5001 or email

  • It is used to assist public safety and emergency responders
  • It is used to apply for grants
  • It is used to assist the Town and State in calculating State and Federal aid
  • It is used to project future school enrollment and for registration outreach
  • It is used to update the voter list – if you are a voter and do not respond, you could be made inactive on the voting list.
  • It serves as proof of residency which residents need to qualify for veteran’s benefits, in-state tuition at state schools and other programs

All residents, not just voters, should return the form each year. 
If you wish to verify your voter registration status, click here

dog reminder
Dog License Reminder
Massachusetts General Law 137 states "the owner or keeper of a dog over the age of 6 months shall obtain a license for the dog." An annual reminder was included with the Census/Street List mailing 

Obtaining a dog license is easy, you may submit a request and payment online, by mail, or in person at the Town Clerk's Office

To purchase your dog license:

  1. Payment - $15 spay/neutered or $20 intact
    1. Online - ACH or credit/debit card
      Check - payable to Town of Northborough
      In Person - check/cash/card
  2. Rabies Certificate (if not already on file, most Vets send us a copy) certificates can be e-mailed to
  3. Spay/Neuter Certificate (if not already on file) certificates can be e-mailed to

If you choose to pay online or by mail, the license and tag will be mailed to you.  All dogs must be registered by 02/28/2021. Dogs licensed after that date will be assessed a late fee of $25. The late fee shall be in addition to the license fee indicated above.

If you no longer have a dog that was previously licensed, please let us know so we can update our records.

Thank you!

Town Clerk's Office
Town of Northborough
63 Main Street
Northborough, MA  01532

Voice:   508-393-5001
Fax:      508-393-6996

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