Where can I hunt in Northborough ?


A properly licensed hunter may, with written permission from the land-owner and preferably carried on their person, hunt on said private property;

Hunting on State-owned property is allowed unless posted otherwise;There is no hunting allowed on Town-owned land such as conservation lands, open space, recreation areas or other Town property. The only exception is the Northborough owned section of the Mt. Pisgah Conservation area. (the pink colored area on the map link below) This area requires a special permit from the Conservation Commission. The area is interlaced with trails and the 500“exclusion referenced in the Conservation Commission regulations applies to trails as well as dwellings.

As for the Massachusetts Wildlife property abutting the Town portion of the Mt. Pisgah property, (the darker green area) all passive uses are allowed which includes hunting. Inform all who inquire that both areas of Mt. Pisgah, (Town-owned section and State-owned sections) are interlaced with hiking and mountain biking trails and are heavily used year-round from early morning to sunset but hikers, jogger, snowshoe hikers, cross country skiers and mountain bikers. 

The Northborough Mt. Pisgah Conservation land is closed to the public from sundown to sunrise. The only trail access to the Mass wildlife area is through the town’s conservation land on Smith Road.




Hunting at Mt. Pisgah only with permission of the Conservation Commission

Residents only

Limited to 2 permits per day

Permit to be for a specific day

Resident must apply 7 days in advance in writing

No individual may apply for more than 5 permits per season

Applicant must provide proof of Firearm Safety Course

Permits will be issued for Monday – Friday only

Bow and Shotgun Only

Deer Only

No hunting permitted within 500 feet of any trail


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