Town Meeting Postponed to Saturday July 18 9am

important notice

Due to the forecast for rain the Annual Town Meeting scheduled for July 11th has been postponed to the prescheduled rain date of Saturday, July 18th at 9am at the ARHS football field.

Annual Town Meeting
Algonquin Regional H.S. Football Field
Saturday July 18th 9am

Town Meeting Logistics & Safety Highlights
The Annual Town Meeting will be held at 9:00am on Saturday, July 18, 2020. Due to ongoing Covid-19 concerns, this year’s meeting will be held outdoors, on the football field at Algonquin Regional H.S.  The Moderator has worked to condense presentations and combine articles in order to reduce the length of the meeting.  To view the Town Meeting layout and seating plan, click here

In addition to following guidance from our local Board of Health, we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that this will be a safe event.


  • 200 chairs will be set up and additional chairs available if needed.
  • There will be a minimum of 10 feet of spacing between chairs and 10 feet spacing between rows.
  • The aisles between sections of chairs will be one way and 10 feet wide.


    BYO chairs/umbrellas

  • Feel free to bring your own “camp“ chair.
  • If you’d like to sit on the grass or on a blanket, we’ll have plenty of space for that too.
  • You can bring an umbrella, but you’ll need to sit to the rear or on the side and not block anyone’s view.  Please be sure to be socially distant from any non-family member.
  • Field penetrations are not allowed so all umbrellas must be seat fastened or handheld.



  • Masks are required for entry, but you can remove it once you are seated.
  • Please wear your mask whenever you are not in your chair.
  • We will provide a mask to anyone who forgets one.



  • There will be microphones in each aisle for the public to address the Hall.
  • Because these microphones are remotely adjusted to ensure the speaker’s voice can be heard, there will be a 3-foot demarcation at each microphone to ensure that no one actually touches it.
  • Nevertheless, if the need arises our media vendor will be ready to sanitize microphones.


    Comfort/hand sanitizers

  • We’ll have free bottled water for everyone, feel free to bring your own.
  • Restrooms are located between the football and lower fields. In addition, there will be port-a-jons available which will also be periodically cleaned by janitorial staff.
  • We’ll offer hand sanitizer to everyone as they check-in, and thereafter as you like. You are encouraged to bring your own as well.
  • Cooling stations will be available for temporary heat relief.



  • There is plenty of parking behind the school in the lots adjacent to the football field.
  • There will be handicapped parking close to one of the field entrances with compliant access.

2020 Town Meeting Warrant Booklet
(includes proposed consent agenda, revised motions, Financial Planning Committee and Appropriations Committee reports)

FY2021 Proposed Budget Memo - as revised 6/02/2020

FY2021 Revised Budget Presentation for Town Meeting 07/18/2020

FY2021 Northborough Schools K-8 Proposed Budget As Revised

FY2021 Northborough-Southborough Regional Schools Budget As Revised

Citizen's Guide to Town Meetings

Moderator's Fourth Declaration of Continuance

Voter registration deadline, for those not already registered, was Tuesday April 7th 8pm.