Funding Sources

Funding Sources for Historic Preservation
and Education


There are a variety of grants available for Historic Preservation and Education. The Table below lists four sources with some general information and their websites.

Table 1:

Funding Sources for Historic Preservation and Education

SourceFocusFunding LevelsMatching FundingWebsite
Northborough “Community Preservation Commission”Broad range of TopicsWide RangeNot Required
Northborough Cultural CouncilHistory Related Events$100 to $1000Not Required
Massachusetts Historic Commission - Survey and Planning Grant Program

Preservation Planning, Historical Assets Inventories, Nat. Hist. Reg. Nominations

$5000 to $
Massachusetts Historic Commission - Preservation Projects Funding

Preservation of Sites listed in the State’s Historic Register

$5000 to $
Massachusetts HumanitiesPublic OutreachMax $5000Not
Massachusetts HumanitiesResearch Inventory GrantsMAx $1500Not
Massachusetts HumanitiesScholar in ResidenceMax $3000Not
Massachusetts Humanities

Web Based Films

Max $10000Not