COVID-19 Testing

There are several types of COVID-19 tests.  The Northborough Health Department recommends that you seek a PCR (also known as molecular test) rather than an antigen or antibody test.  There are many reasons why you may need to be tested such as:

  • Your are exhbiting COVID-19 symptoms.  Many schools and employers require a negative COVID-19 to return to school or work.
  • You have recently traveled or plan to travel.  For  COVID-19 Travel resources visit  
  • You are a "close contact" to someone who tested positive for COVID-19.  Please note that it is recommended that non-vaccinated "close contacts" be tested 4-5 days after your last exposure to the positive case.  

In all cases, it recommended that you find a location that performs PCR tests.  Many employers and schools will not accept antigen test results.  If you receive a positive antigen result, you will need to follow-up immediately with a PCR test.  Please note that overall, antigen results are less reliable than PCR results.

For more information on COVID-19 testing and to locate a testing center, visit  If you need help finding a test center near you, contact your medical provider or the Northborough Health Department at 508-579-1774.  Click here for a Northborough Southborough Public Schools resource document on testing.