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Welcome to the Town of Northborough's Online Permit Center

The Town of Northborough is pleased to offer licensed contractors and home/property owners the ability to apply, pay for, and receive Inspectional Services Building (select), Electrical, Gas, or Plumbing permits and select Health Licenses / Permits on-line through ViewPermit, our permitting partner. This is the first of a multi-phase initiative for offering and issuing a wide range of municipal permits and licenses electronically in order to provide greater convenience, an enhanced level of service, and to improve the overall customer experience.

Recognizing that this is a new way of doing business, the Inspectional Services and Health Departments have made a public computer terminal/Kiosk available at the Inspectional Services / Health customer area located on the Third Floor location, of the Town Office Building at 63 Main Street to initially register and apply for permits through the on-line permit system during Monday 8-4pm, Tuesday 8-7pm, Wednesday 8-4pm, Thursday 8-4pm and Friday 7-12noon. Once initially registered and set up, contractors and home / property owners will be able to apply, pay for, and receive permits remotely via the internet from the convenience of their office or home.

All contractors and contractor businesses should register as contractors and not as businesses. This will allow the main state license type and license# to be part of contractor user profile and become default as permits or licenses are created.

For more information, please contact the Building and Health Departments at (508) 393-5009 or 5010 or by email at Building Department or Health Department

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Online Permit Center

Allowable Online Permits

Inspectional Services
  • Building - Insulation / Weatherization
  • Building - Roofing, Siding, Windows, Solar
  • Building - Shed (Residential)
  • Building - Sign / Billboard or Zoning Interpretation
  • Any: Electrical, Gas, Plumbing
  • Food / Retail / Supermarket / Day Care Establishment License
  • Funeral Director, Hotel / Motel License
  • Perc Test Permit
  • Septic Hauler / Transportation License
  • Septic Installer License