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Welcome to Northborough, Massachusetts
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Preparing a 72 Hour Kit
There are many types of disasters: floods, fires, earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes.  It is estimated that after a major disaster, it may take up to three days for relief workers to reach some areas.  It would be wise to consider a Go Pack that you could live on for 7-10 days.  In such a case, if you live in a disaster prone area a 72-hour kit is the minimum you should have available. 

**  Plan your go pack accordingly to your family’s size.

72 Hour Kit

         1-2 Gallons of water per person, per day should be stored for sanitation and drinking
 Method of water purification
 72 + Hour Supply of Food and Water
 Warmth and Shelter
 Windproof/waterproof matches  
 Second method to start a fire
 Wool-blend Blanket
 Sleeping Bag
 Emergency reflective blanket
 Lightweight stove and fuel
 Hand and body warm packs
 Light Sources
 Flashlight with batteries
 Light Stick
 Pocket Knife
 Hatchet or Axe
 Sewing kit
 50-foot nylon rope
 First Aid
 First Aid kit and supplies
 Burn gel and dressings
 Bottle of potassium iodide tablets
 Radio with batteries or radio with alternate power sources
 Whistle with neck cord
 Personal Sanitation
 Personal Comfort kit (include soap, toothbrush and gel, comb, tissue, sanitary napkins, razor),    and other needed items
 Extra clothing
 A complete outfit of appropriate clothing for each family member.  Include extra socks,                underwear, hat, sturdy shoes, and gloves
 At least $50 in small bills in your kit.  Be sure to include quarters and dimes for phone calls
 Stress Relievers – Games, books, hard candy, inspirational reading.  For children: small toys,     paper and pen, favorite security items
 Important papers
 Copies of documents important to your family (such as birth certificates, marriage licenses,        wills, insurance forms), phone numbers you might need, credit card information
  Additional items
           Extra food
          Camp stove mess kits and other cooking equipment
          Insect repellent, Sun block
          Portable toilet
          Special medication (extra glasses)
          Portable Container
          Durable water resistant duffel bag, frame pack or day pack

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